Frost and Snow, Wind and Woe … Baba yaga

Irrisen is a land of eternal winter, taken and bound 800 years ago by the mother of witches herself, Baba Yaga. She-who-is-three rules the realm in absentia, visiting only every 100 years to place a new daughter upon the throne, taking the previous century’s ruler with her on her mysterious journeys, never to be seen again. The last such coronation should have been two years ago … but Baba Yaga did not appear. Queen Elvanna continues to reign beyond her appointed time.

Now the boundaries of Irrisen seem to be spreading, drawing the concern of all those who care for the land, from the self-exiled elvenkind to the reclusive Weavers. Furthermore, pockets of winter have begun to appear throughout the lands of Old Varisia, ranging from the dark crags of Ustalev to the bright fields of Taldor. These are apparently portals to Irrisen itself, trapping hapless farmfolk from Brevoy and mysterious magi from Chelia alike.

Into the midst of this ages-long winter and intrigue are drawn five figures motivated by curiosity, loyalty, duty, self-preservation, and the simple desire to return home.


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